Who Are We?

Welcome to Folifab, home to some of the most fabulous foliage available around. We are here to help you get more from your indoor gardening endeavours. Yes, we intend to be that friend who can help you nurture nature in your own home, office or any other spaces that you may have in mind.

We understand that indoor gardening, especially in urban areas, can be very tricky and difficult for many. We intend to simplify it for you and help you make most out of your gardening adventure.

Just like a new sapling even we are trying to lay our roots down and while doing so hope to bring happiness & joy of being a home gardener to your lives. Our offerings, whether it’s the pot we choose for a plant, potting media we use or the plant itself are aimed at improving your gardening experience as a whole.

Every plant or offering that reaches you is first conditioned to get only the best to your door step. Yes, you read that right! Through our trusted shipping partner network we deliver live plants to your home while ensuring your plant baby is safe and sound when it reaches you.

We hope that you would love what we have on offer here. Do check out our website to see our wonderful offerings. Happy gardening to you!

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Great! That was easy, wasn’t it ? 

Here are some of the options that you may want to consider…