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Chlorophytum-Spider Plant


A well known and easy to grow plant for home gardeners.

If you are a beginner and want to make a safe bet then this little beauty is meant for you.

Go slow with this one no need to over water or be in haste with this one.

A suitable candidate for your office desk , center table or hanging pot.

The non fussy nature of it just ensures its status as one of the best indoor plants to have.

Disclaimer – Kindly note the picture shown is for reference purpose only the actual product sent to you may vary in shape, size etc.

  • Live Plant in a Premium Crystal White Color Pot
  • Pot Size - Standard (S) 4.5 x 4 Inches (D x H)
  • Pot Material - High Quality Polypropylene (Plastic)
  • Indirect Exposure
  • Bright Sunlight
  • Moderate Sunlight
  • Limited Watering - Every 4 to 7 days
Key Attractions
  • Aesthetics
  • Air Purifying Plant
  • Indoors
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Shaded Balcony / Patio
  • Hanging Pot
  • Window Panes / Railings

Plant Notes

Disclaimer – Kindly note that above mentioned information about the plant is generic in nature. You are advised to be judicious & prudent with plants.


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