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Dracaena-Milky Yellow


Yes its Dracaena, so its easy to care for and low maintenance.

Add to that its golden yellow hue is pure joy.

Hard to miss are those milky white spots that get blended with the yellow color in such a way that leaves you mesmerized.

A fantastic indoor plant ton have we say. No fuss but a lot of glam.

Your center table was missing something ? Not any more you got Milky Yellow to show off.



Disclaimer – Kindly note the picture shown is for reference purpose only the actual product sent to you may vary in shape, size etc.

  • Live Plant in a Premium Crystal White Pot
  • Pot Size - Medium (M) 5,5 x 4.75 Inches (D x H)
  • Pot Material - High Quality Polypropylene (Plastic)
  • Indirect Exposure
  • Bright Sunlight
  • Moderate Sunlight
  • Limited Watering - Every 4 to 7 days
Key Attractions
  • Foliage Patterns
  • Foliage Colors
  • Indoors
  • Table Top / Shelf
  • Window Panes / Railings

Plant Notes

Disclaimer – Kindly note that above mentioned information about the plant is generic in nature. You are advised to be judicious & prudent with plants.


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