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Jade Plant-Green


A type of succulent, jade plant fits perfectly well in small spaces.

Classy and elegant these plants are very much appreciated by all gardening enthusiasts.

Often considered lucky by many, this one is also known as Money Tree.

With its thick fleshy leaves and tree like form this indoor plant is as wonderful as any house plant can get.

In Asian culture this one also signifies luck, prosperity & friendship.

We simply think its awesome .

Go ahead and get one for yourself.

Disclaimer – Kindly note the picture shown is for reference purpose only the actual product sent to you may vary in shape, size etc.

  • Live Plant in a Premium Crystal White Pot
  • Pot Size - Standard (S) 4.5 x 4 Inches (D x H)
  • Pot Material - High Quality Polypropylene (Plastic)
  • Indirect Exposure
  • Bright Sunlight
  • Moderate Sunlight
  • Scares Watering - Every 7 to 10 days
Key Attractions
  • Aesthetics
  • Foliage Shape
  • Indoors
  • Table Top / Shelf
  • Shaded Balcony / Patio

Plant Notes

Disclaimer – Kindly note that above mentioned information about the plant is generic in nature. You are advised to be judicious & prudent with plants.


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